• Blog and Win Myntra Contest My Entry

    I was invited by Myntra to participate in their Blog and Win contest

    Here is my entry on what I plan on wearing this festival season :

    All the links of the products are here, you can purchase using these links:


    [Black Friday Gala]Giveaway on 50 pcs Makeup Items is hot on the way!

    [Black Friday Gala]Giveaway on 50 pcs Makeup Items is hot on the way!

    1. Share/Repost the content to any website (FB/Blog/IG/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+...), not less than 4 links. 
    2. Send Repost links to Juno7978@gmail.com, Please attach your detailed shipping address(Full Name, Post Code Necessary)
    3. We randomly choose winners to get GIFT PACKS(incluing 1 pc lipsticks, 3 pairs of false eye lash, 5 pcs shadow brush, limited blusher)
    4. 25 winners per day in the next two days (2013.Nov.30th & Dec.1st).

    Vellvette Bag : November Edition

    Hi Everyone, This morning  I received my  November Vellvette Bag , check out the products.

    This month's theme was '' Band Baaja Beauty '' as this is  the ''wedding season'' apparently.  The bag is pretty, hot pink with black polka dots!

    I  Recieved :

    Liebster Award!!!

      Hi people! I am soo excited to  share that I have been nominated   for  the Liebster Award

     by the very sweet

    My September Anniversary Vellvette Bag is here!!

     Hi Everyone!! So yesterday I saw some people got their September edition of Vellvette Bag and was thinking when will I get mine because usually I get mine very early  and tada!! It arrived today!! :D

    Incase you do not know Vellvette completed 1 year this September and it was their first anniversary. Read on to know more.

    My August Vellvette Box/Bag !

     Hiii !! This is my first  post on my blog :) Today I received my  August Vellvette box...no wait, as I tore open the  package, I could feel it is not  a  box and yes  I was really happy when I saw it is indeed not a box but a  black bag! Similar to the dark pink bag I got with my June ''Travel Edition'' Vellvette.In case you do not know, Vellvette had  arranged a  poll/vote on their facebook page asking subscribers what would they like this month, a box or a bag,I obviously voted for bag and I am sure many others did that's why  Mr Bag won. :) Anyway let's check what I got :)

    The  Black Bag :

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