• My September Anniversary Vellvette Bag is here!!

     Hi Everyone!! So yesterday I saw some people got their September edition of Vellvette Bag and was thinking when will I get mine because usually I get mine very early  and tada!! It arrived today!! :D

    Incase you do not know Vellvette completed 1 year this September and it was their first anniversary. Read on to know more.

    You can read about my August Vellvette Bag   HERE

    By the glimpse shown in Vellvette's facebook page I already knew it was a red bag with white polka dots so was not really eager to see what color this month's bag is as I already knew it  but  I was really excited to see what products it contains as it is the so called ''Anniversary bag'', neverthless my excitement didn't resulted in dissapointment as this month they have packed some really goodie good goodies!!

    Let's check the pictures, shall we?

    The red bag...  This month the bag is kinda different, yes it looks spacious but it isn't, the other two bags before this were really very spacious and those contain alot of products, this one can hardly contain these few items, and the fabric used to make it is satiny, others were not the same.

    An invitation card which you can give to a friend to invite them to join Vellvette if you would like to

    The  star of the bag! Beauty UK eyeshadow pallette which contains 10 eyeshadows in it and I am oh-so-glad I recieved this neutral pallette called ''Naked'' and not  some blue-green-purple eyeshadows like some people did! This can be used on a regular basis.

    Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo sample, looking forward to try this!

    The Nature's Co Lavender Body Lotion Sample

    Last but not the least, this cute little handy two in one hairbrush-mirror by Vellvette.

    So that's it !!   Do I Love or hate my bag? Well it's mixed...I loved the pallette, like the shampoo sample, but     I would prefer something else in place of the Nature's  co lotion as I am not an avid lotion user,I only use on my hands and  already have quite a few sitting here and there.  The brush-mirror thing is handy so it's okay.

    What did you recieve in your bag?


    1. I love the Naked palette !!! :D :D

    2. Me too! It has pretty neutrals :)

    3. Hey
      I have nominated you for a Liebster on my blog! Please do check my post, and answer the questions (and nominate others) :) It's fun. Do try it. http://the-glamorous-diva.blogspot.in/2013/10/the-liebster-award.html. Enjoy!! :)

    4. Liked the Organic Surge and TNC stuff.. but wish Velvette comes up with better boxes!! :)

      1. Yes me too, this month they came with the worst bag ever! I Will post about it soon :)


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